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Advanced Species Courses

WIRES offer a wide range of advanced species courses for authorised WIRES volunteers. If you are a current WIRES volunteer interested in further training, please visit the WIRES Members Site for more information about the courses that are available and how to enrol.

The majority of the following courses are available to authorised WIRES members after successful completion of the introductory Rescue and Immediate Care Course (RICC):

  • Avian rescue and rehabilitation
  • Raptor rescue and rehabilitation
  • Possum and glider rescue and rehabilitation
  • Flying-fox and microbat rescue and rehabilitation
  • Small mammal rescue and rehabilitation (monotremes, native rodents, bandicoots etc.)
  • Large mammal rescue and rehabilitation (wombats, macropods and koala)
  • Wombat mange treatment
  • Frog rescue and rehabilitation
  • Lizard and freshwater turtle rescue and rehabilitation
  • Sea turtle rescue
  • Snake handling
  • Sea snake rescue

If you are a licensed wildlife rescuer/rehabilitator or industry professional (e.g. veterinary staff) located in NSW and are interested in the above training, please complete our enquiry form.

If you are a licensed wildlife rescue/rehabilitator or industry professional (e.g. veterinary staff) located outside NSW, please review the WIRES National Course Library.


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