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Wildlife Training Grants

The WIRES National Training Grants Program provides the opportunity for licensed wildlife rescue and care groups around Australia to access WIRES wildlife rescue and rehabilitation training.

To enable organisations to train as many volunteers as possible, WIRES is offering eligible wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisations a Training Grant to cover the course cost (normally $30 per person) of all volunteers wanting to complete the course in 2022.

Nominated volunteers from eligible rescue organisations awarded a Training Grant, will be able to complete WIRES Introduction to Wildlife Rescue Course for free in 2022.

Rescue and rehabilitation organisations in the program will also have access to a growing range of online species courses. Online species courses are normally available at $30 per person, but groups who have previously signed up to the WIRES Training Grant program will have free access to newly released species courses for the first month of the release of the course.

Under the Training Grants Program, WIRES has provided over $22,000 in training to 735 volunteers from 15 organisations and we want to support as many organisations as possible. WIRES launched the Training Grants Program and the Introduction to Wildlife Rescue Course in the wake of the horrific 2019/2020 emergency events, to assist wildlife rescue groups to train more volunteers quickly and improve outcomes for native animals nationally.

Online Courses Currently Available under the Training Grant Program

Introduction to Wildlife Rescue

This course is designed to help rescue organisations recruit and train more new volunteers faster, to begin rescuing the animals most commonly reported needing assistance, including birds, possums, lizards and turtles.

Normally $30 pp however this fee is waived for 2022 for groups who have signed up to the WIRES Training Grants Program

Sea Snake Rescue and Transport

This online course is designed to provide experienced snake rescuers and rehabilitators with the skills and knowledge to safely rescue and transport sea snakes. The course covers important WHS considerations when dealing with these venomous animals, as well as information on species identification, common reasons for rescue, rescue and transport techniques, and state-based reporting, rehabilitation facilities, and support.

Normally $30 pp however this fee is waived for groups until 12th June 2022 who have signed up to the WIRES Training Grants Program

Please note, to be eligible to complete this course, it is recommended that all participants:

  • have up to date training in the handling of venomous snakes
  • have up to date training on snake bite first aid

Please note, completion of this course does not result in authorisation of rescue and transportation of sea snakes. All individuals must adhere to relevant state licensing requirements regarding the handling venomous snakes. In NSW, The Code specifies sea snakes must only be handled by wildlife rehabilitators who have undertaken a venomous snake handling course which includes training in venomous snake bite first aid and is refreshed every three years.

National Training Library

To learn more about other wildlife rescue courses available under our National Training Library please visit this page: (insert link to National Training page).

Eligible Organisations

  • Organisations eligible for the WIRES Training Grants Program must have been actively engaged in wildlife rescue for a minimum of 2 years
  • Groups must be registered as Australian organisations with a current ABN
  • Groups must be licenced for wildlife rescue and care in accordance with their state requirements
  • Groups must prioritise animal welfare and aim to consistently provide best practice rescue and care for wildlife
  • Groups must be willing to sign an agreement confirming their commitment to the program, encouraging their volunteers to complete the course quickly and provide course feedback to WIRES

Apply for a Training Grant

If you are a rescue organisation that would like to enquire about a Training Grant, for the courses listed above please complete the registration of interest form and the WIRES Training Team will be in touch as soon as possible:



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