Wildlife Training Courses

Training is essential to WIRES mission of actively rehabilitating and preserving Australia’s unique wildlife. As Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation, WIRES provides an extensive range of wildlife courses for volunteers and industry professionals. 

To become a volunteer with WIRES, you must complete the Rescue and Immediate Care Course (RICC). To find out more about volunteering with WIRES please read the information about becoming a rescuer.  

To participate in WIRES training and volunteer with WIRES, you must be over 18.

Rescue and Immediate Care (RICC) 

WIRES Rescue and Immediate Care Course (RICC) is WIRES introductory training course. 

Further information on this course and how to enrol can be found on the Rescue and Immediate Care Course page.

Specialist Courses

WIRES run a wide range of advanced species courses for WIRES volunteers, members of other licenced wildlife organisations and industry professionals working with wildlife, such as practicing veterinary staff.

WIRES offer the following specialist rescue, rehabilitation and release courses: 

  • Avian and Raptors
  • Small Mammals, Macropods, Wombats, Large Mammals 
  • Reptile Care (Lizard/Turtles) and Reptile Handling (Snakes)
  • Flying-foxes and Microbats
  • Possums and Gliders

If you have any questions about WIRES training, please use this enquiry form.

Free 'Introduction to Australian Wildlife Course

The free online WIRES Community Course ‘An Introduction to Australian Wildlife’ has been designed for people of all ages as an easy introduction to Australian wildlife for individuals and families who are unfamiliar with Australian native animals. the course is available in Arabic, Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).

The course was designed in conjunction with the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust to help those new to Australia and who have no experience with Australian wildlife.

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