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If you have goods to donate, please complete the form below. 
By completing our online form, you’re helping to keep WIRES rescue line free for rescue calls. 

We may put you in contact with a WIRES volunteer near you, ask you to post the goods to WIRES head office or connect you with the Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC). WIRES and ARC have worked closely together since the devastating Black Summer bushfires. Together we have distributed thousands of tonnes of goods such as wildlife food and supplies to wildlife rescuers and carers around Australia. 

Items Needed

If you have excess stock or unused goods, items on this wish list are much-needed resources  for wildlife rescue volunteers. 

  • Large cages 
  • Flexariums 
  • Possum boxes 
  • Top opening pet carriers 
  • Humidicribs / Incubators 
  • Heating pads with thermostat controllers 
  • Puppy training pads 
  • Puppy play pens 
  • Rolls of shade cloth at 50%, 80% and 90% 
  • Aviaries (preferably flat packed) –portable aviaries & fixed location aviaries 
  • Knitted 100% wool pouches & 100% cotton liners - Instructions for making pouches 
  • Towels (particularly white towels) 
  • Wildlife food or credit with wildlife food suppliers (or donate to our Food Fund used 100% for wildlife food) 
  • Medical supplies (bandages, antiseptic, saline solutions, syringes, betadine, butterfly needles) 
  • Disposable gloves, facemasks 
  • Plastic tubs with lids 
  • Ceramic or metal food bowls 
  • Reusable cable ties 
  • Disinfectant hand wash 
  • Swabs/gauze  
  • Eslatoplast tape  
  • Micropore tape  
  • Sub-cut kits 
  • Vetrap 

We are grateful to receive items we can give away to our volunteers or auction at fundraising events e.g., movie tickets, event tickets, hotel or resort stays, spa treatments or passes to attractions. 

Used Items

Some used items (like cages, aviaries and towels) can have a second life supporting wildlife. Importantly, all used items must be clean and of good quality for our volunteers to use for wildlife in care. Used towels must have no loose threads that animals can get caught in.

Any hotels, motels or laundry services that have clean, white towels or flat sheets that can no longer to be used in room service, please get in touch using the form below. 

Donating & Questions

If you would like to donate items on our Wish List, or enquire about in-kind donations, please fill in the form below. 

How funds are used

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Our Donor Charter

  • We are committed to improving outcomes for native animals
  • We act with integrity and use donations wisely
  • We value your feedback and respect your privacy

Donations to WIRES are used to:

  • Improve our capability to rescue and care for more animals
  • Operate our Wildlife Rescue Office 365 days a year
  • Subsidise food costs for wildlife in care
  • Provide community wildlife information and education
  • Provide wildlife training courses for volunteers and the community
  • Support our volunteers
  • Grow our service so that we can help wildlife for generations to come

Security Guarantee:

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Did you know that WIRES...

  • Receives tens of thousands of calls each year to help sick, injured and orphaned native animals.
  • Trains hundreds of people in wildlife rescue and care every year and has over 3000 volunteers
  • Has been serving wildlife and the community for almost 35 years